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Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas

Well, had it towed to Casper Wyoming, cost $430.00. Their scan tool said it was a bad turbo, cost $4500.00. Went home to New Mexico and returned when it was done, cost $900.00. In hindsight I think it would of been ok to drive it. I wish I could have taken my truck and 5th wheel home cause I think I could have fixed it myself. Removed the turbo, freed up the vanes in the turbo, maybe replaced the actuator and put it back in. I’m in the process of putting a lift pump in and I’m using a lubricity additive in the fuel because the next thing to go will be the injection pump and it will take out the whole fuel system at a cost of between $10,000.00 and $12,000.00. I’ve read a bunch of horror stories about the cp4 pump going south. I’ve got to much money in this truck now so I’ll drive it till it dies. Pretty expensive trip to Wyoming.
Thanks for help