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Tim Geloff
Tim Geloff

Tim Geloff from Bismarck ND area, own my own repair shop and have been ASE master certified since 1984 kept up recerts ever since, been L1 and X1 certified since around 1990 along with various A/C recovery and handling certs from ASE, IMACA, and others. I was raised on a farm that also sold farm machinery parts and even build some farm machinery such as dump rakes, plows, seeding drills, town combines apart and rebuilt them and sold them while we were using them in the field, (what better way to sell something, sell it from under you while you are using it to make a living). Was given my first vehicle when in grade school by my grandfather and he said if I can get it running it was mine. 1939 Plymouth, got it running, but had a very bad rod knock, but drove around the farm anyway till it was time to finally replace engine, was going to put one in from a combine but unfortunately my grandfather had sold the combine with the engine so it just sat. Got another vehicle 1966 Plymouth Fury, licensed and drove a couple years then sold it and bought another vehicle and been doing this ever since. Went to Vo Tech college right out of high school and got my first mechanic job three months later and worked there for 9.5 years and was promoted to assistant manager in about a year and half after getting hired. Always been a gear head and probably always will. Every now and again a person needs some help and I hope to help some people and maybe get some help in return. Keep the wrenches in the tool box after hours guys and gals, don’t let them drive off in a customer vehicle. Thanks for letting me join.