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Michael Lambert
Michael Lambert

Alright here’s an update.

That is the rpm flick, it’s been doing this for nearly 2 years and as of the past year it’s been turning into a surge when under load. I have seemed to fend off the surging via cleaning map, pvc, temp sensors. But the flick is still there.

I have changed oil, filter
Tranny fluid, filter (80c its right lvl)
Crank sensor
Map sensor
New battery
New tcc solenoid
New front axle disconnect (it started clunking around same time rpm flick began, had to get new)
Differential and transfer case fluids changed
New throttle body with TPS

I mean I’m not sure what else to change here. I’ve been shotgunning this car by guessing and spending, 2 garages couldn’t figure it out either.

Found my steering fluid was extremely low, causing steering to make noise when turning left, the location of this steering fluid is ridiculous.