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Reply To: 2005 titan with 5.6 need help

Nightflyr *
Richard Kirshy

It appears the front cover does have the oil pan mounted to it with the four front oil pan bolts.
Now, if you can remove just the 4 bolts from the oil pan and manage to remove the cover or if you need to remove the oil pan all together I can not say.
My thought is you most likely can just remove the 4 bolts but there may be issues in doing that.
First issue is will you damage the oil pan gasket when removing the timing cover.
Second issue, will you be able to reseal both the timing cover and oil pan.
My suggestion there fore would be to drop the oil pan to remove the timing cover and while in that far it would not be a bad idea to replace any internals behind the timing cover since your in there.IE timing chain, guides, tensioners, phasers etc.