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Billy, Sorry. I don’t know how to put up pics. Don’t see a link for that.

Richard, yes, intake manifold gasket is a definite possibility that keeps coming up.

Did a cold compression test today and things looked good there 1,3,5,7 were 150, 148, 148, 148 2,4,6,8 were 150, 148, 145, 148. I’ll do a warm test tomorrow just to see if there is a difference. I know this test won’t tell me the reason for oil consumption but I hadn’t done one in ten years so figured it was about time.

Also did a vacuum test which was good but not as good as it used to be. Idle at about 17 with steady needle although something new was every 20-30 seconds the needle would slowly drop 1.5 then go right back to 17 steady. Don’t know what that was. Throttle snap test was good. Holding her at higher RPM for a bit had a new thing where the needle would go up as expected but it had a serious tremor – not a wide swinging one (example it didn’t even range more than 1″ hg up or down) but a very rapid and not steady needle that I am used to.