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Reply To: Body aches and pains!

Richard Ramon
Richard Ramon

Yes, I am learning to rely on cordless tools more often if I can get away with it. The ibuprofen really helped though. Knee pads are a great idea. Used them in my 20’s when roofing and construction. I’m afraid a creeper won’t help; the nerve damage in my legs/feet makes it difficult to get up and down off the ground. Just age!

I hope to finish the driver’s side upper ball joint and inner tie rod on Saturday (rain pending). I bought a 1/2 extension for the cordless as the clearance between the forks of the knuckle just isn’t there. As Robby Brown and Richard Kirshy said, “it’s better after getting car work done than to pay a mechanic”. I just can’t afford one these days so I get to wrench!

Stay dirty and OLD!!!!