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Zach Waters
Zach Waters

Great video! I have a 2010 EX-L with RES (no NAV). I attempted yesterday, seemed to get everything done and the door would close but not “suck in” or “seal” at the very end. It was “so close”. I had to manually “hip check” it in for the last 1/4 inch. I spent the next 2 hours trying to adjust the bracket that attaches to the door with the two 12mm screws and it only got worse (I did mark it with a marker but I still seem to be off). Now, it gets to about 6 inches from closing and just pops back open. I am going to try to adjust the bracket/two 12mm and try to get it at least to my “him check” option. Then, I have more questions. Is the “hip check” necessity due to my poor placement of the bracket or is it possible that something else is wrong and I will need to do an additional fix? And on to my additional issue(s), I have noticed that if I try to manually push in the “door ajar” switch, my dash still shows the red light that the door is open. This light stays on even when the door is closed (thus all of my troubleshooting). I have to disconnect the battery when the van is parked otherwise the battery is draining. I think I have a lot of troubleshooting ahead of me, just trying to figure out how much you can help (or if I need to pay you to help me troubleshoot). Thank you in advance.