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Reply To: How to place jack stands on van

Nightflyr *
Richard Kirshy

These should be helpful:
Angel, I’m not picking on you here, but I get the sense you have very little experience in working on cars.
That’s ok.. we all had to start at the beginning.
But the beginning usually means basic maintenance, IE tune ups, oil changes etc and progress from there.
Let me ask you something …
Do you know and understand the Canister Purge Valve Solenoid Operation?
By the questions your asking, it would appear not.
To that I would strongly suggest researching it on youtube
The amount of time it would take to explain it here, your talking about hours if not days.
Most of the questions your asking can be clearly demonstrated / shown and explained from videos already posted.
All you need do is research the question(s) your asking.
If you have a question after that no problem.
Most of us here try to assist or lend some guidance, but many are not in a position to spend hours or more trying to give a full step by step procedure on specific diagnostics on vehicles we have no access to.
We have general knowledge and can suggest where to look for specifics.
I do hope you can understand what I’m trying to convey.