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Reply To: Braking issues

Richard Ramon
Richard Ramon

Hi Richard and thank you for your quick response.

My Taco is a 2003 Prerunner, 2WD, 3.4L with 205400+ miles. The suspension parts I replace were all original judging by the age of the cotter pins.
I am not sure if/when the brake fluid was replaced and it is a bit on the darker side. The hoses are probably all original as well.

The rotors were replaced a couple of years ago (within the last 10,000 miles) and have never been turned. They are in okay condition and I cleaned off just a slight amount of surface rust; the only rust is along the outer edge as mentioned previously. And yes, I removed the calipers when I completed the suspension work, or at least hung them with an ‘S’ bracket. Hoses were not crimped nor twisted during and after the work.

I decided to remove the passenger side wheel, fix the bent dust plate and performed a brake service on that side, to include cleaning the slide pins and using anti-seize on the lug nuts and hub. There was not much rust on the hub and I wired-brushed what was there before I applied the anti-seize.
Pad surfaces were cleaned and dry with no cracks nor damage.

Because my calipers are multi-piston types, two on each side, I used the racheting tool to push the pistons. I also emptied some of the brake fluid from the reservoir prior to the brake service to allow the fluid to be pushed up into the reservoir.

I am wondering if I need to bleed the passenger side to fix the problem??? Will try and loosen the bleeder valve this weekend.

Question: It is safe to used 400/600 grit sand paper to remove that surface rust on the edge of the rotor???