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Nick Redmon
Nick Redmon

Hey guys new to the website and sadly I’ve never really been a tool guy, or one of that knows a lot about them or fixing things in general.. never really had a dad to show me the normal stuff guys should know growing up and I wish that wasn’t the case but I had an amazing mom and I can’t change the brakes on a car, but you bet your ass I can whip up some of the best home cooking you’d ever eat! 😆.. Anyways guys not trying to drag this on but my dad just died and he has some stuff in his garage I’m trying to sell what looks decent and he has a “Poplar Mechanics: 33PCS SAE & Metric ⅜” Drive Socket Set” and it’s looks like it’s almost never been used before. I can’t find much online about it. Want to see how much it might be worth or what a good asking price would be for them without getting ripped off or sounding like a moron lol. If anyone has any ideas please! Im all ears!! Thanks Guys!