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Hello all!

I know it has been awhile since I have posted a follow to the headlamp confusion. I finally got around to inspecting the harnesses behind the headlamp and to my amazement, the harness is present oddly enough! The mystery doesn’t end there however.. It appears that while the cornering lamp is present the factory decided that instead of seating the cornering lamp socket in the headlamp they decided to seat it in a forward facing lens assembly located inside the lower front fender to the right of the normal turn signal lamp, which if you ask me is a little bizarre when it could have just been attached to the existing headlamp, but this lead me to another question. Please correct me if I am wrong by all means, but with this new found information at hand-does this mean that if I wanted to add cornering lamps to the actual headlamp, that all I would need to do is splice in a couple proper gauge wires and color matched to the original circuit wiring and a bulb socket? This way I can keep everything the same just add a new leg off the same circuit?

Thank you all!