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Reply To: Running On 1 Less Cylinder.

Mark Elliott
Mark Elliott

I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota SLT 5.2 L V8 318 Magnum Small Block and was getting back fire though the exsaust pipe caused by cylinder 3. So I unplugged the spark plug wire and the fuel injector on cylinder 3 and the back fire stopped. I did leave the spark plug still in the block and left the fuel injector still on the rail just both unplugged so cylinder 3 would not get spark or fuel anymore. That was 3 year ago it is still running great today. I use it every day even pulling a utility trailer loaded. I only lost a little power not a lot and it does not bog down and can still haul ass. The idle is off and lower than normal but it sure can run. I hear a lot of BS about cause fires and ring problems and other BS and that is all it is, is BS. Cylinder 3 is not Dead and has compression just fine. I am just to lazy and strapped for funds to further diagnose it further plus again it is doing just fine running on 7 cylinders. Dodge build this one right for sure. So all of you saying it is a bad idea to do it or it can’t be done for long or it is dangerous I have news for you that you are wrong for sure. Again it been running like this as a daily driver for more that 3 years. Oh and also I do not burn a lot of oil either just in case you might think that. Also it does not knock or rock around and zero damage to my motor mounts or my front end. Your all just talk because I own it, did it and drive it. That’s the honest truth. I don’t believe talking out my ass like some of these people on the forms. I know now some will just call me lucky and is so hats off to me. See you on the road in my rear view mirror. LMAO. Mark E. down hear in Sunny Florida.