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Tdjarek trevosky
Tdjarek trevosky

Not true … a DTC does not set because of a monitor not running or even failed result. That is part of the criteria for setting a specific DTC,however there are several if not many other criteria to be satisfied before the PCM decides to code . I am a honda and toyota master tech with 30 years under my belt ….mostly focused on diagnosis and electrical and network diagnosis For the last 12 years . I’m currently a technical shop foreman and modern systems expert at an independent shop in SOCIAL. drive cycles can be found on the CARB.WW2 California BAR site . Links from there are legit .

I can tell you , i only recently joined due to all the misinformation and downright horrible “advice” I see on these sites. Now Eric here has a really useful grip of info and his site and forums have the best intentions , yet I see people giving advice that is misguided at best , but mostly downright false crap info. That uncovers the absolute novice and inept understanding of even basic systems and procedures.AND WORSE, PEOPLE ACTUAALLY LISTEN AND OBEY this method of eternal guessing and reblogging earlier guesses and BS about vehicle issues .

I digress, but ya know ,I’m a very experienced and logical technician . I’ve made a great living in my field since I was 19 years old and it is legit ( to the customer ) [ the factory can kiss my ass on warranty , they try to decrease my hours every day TEN times a day !! And this is why the perception is that dealer techs don’t know much ] ….exception not the rule I assure you . Look , at the dealer my damn hands were tied at times and both the customer and the tech suffered . I work in a specialist import independent shop now where i can use my skillset to help people AND to make great paychecks . It’s all about knowledge and initiative AND the golden rule !!! I follow the path of honesty first – the rest always falls in place .

Ranting….anyway you’ll all be hearing from me here and there I guarantee