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Reply To: 98-02 Acura RL VSA/ABS Lights

Calvin M
Calvin Ming

Hello Eric and Forum,

I own 3 RL’S (Son ’03, Daughter ’04, and Mine ’04) and after a lot of work, they all run and drive great, EXCEPT. They all have the VSA lights on and at times you can hear the weird noises the system can make. My Son’s is the only one showing the ABS light on as well. I have gone thru the power steering lines and reservoirs for leaks and filled them to the recommended lines. No leaks! Used a code reader and nothing. My Son’s does flash and have counted the number 6 and 9.
They all have had the rack and pinion serviced or replaced, Steering wheels taken off (reset clock springs to correct positions), and power steering pumps rebuild.
How do I get the VSA lights to go away? Where do I look?
Thanks in advance