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Reply To: Broken sensor ect in qn 04crv

Tom Sherry
Tom Sherry

Replying to my own post. But, I never got any answers here. But I did get it all figured out and fixed. If anyone else has this issue:
First , any broken sensor, removal is the same. ,if u have any oart of it above the surface, spray the crap out of it with rust penetrant, let it soak, try gripping with vise grips or whatever you can to turn it. If its broken off flush or below the surface like my broken sensor was , use an extraction tool. With a decent drill. , try to not drill too much into the sensor. Just start a hole, using a very small drill bit. Then try the extractor but thats close in size to that drill bit..or a bit larger..start small, you can always go bigger.
As far as the harness and clips in my way, it had a slider bracket with a groove in the center, up top, and the lower section had a tab with flat rubber grommet, pull/pry the lower part towards you, if you are standing near the driver’s side front wheel. Then slide rear of the harness towards the front or radiator area of car. Do NOT pull it towards side of the car , you will break the plastic clip. Once u have it unclipped. You will have enough play in the harness to move it 1 inch or so up to see the sensor location. Hope that helps someone.