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Stephen Bowen
Stephen Bowen

Update to the update.

Wow…HOT day today. But we spent some diag time on this one. Topped off the overflow jug with the 50/50. Disconnected the heater hose at the top of the engine. Removed fuel pump fuse and cranked it.

Zero coolant flow. Then went to one of our old ‘tricks’ we used to need to do on our VW. Took a shop vac to the heater connection at the rear of the engine. It was dry as a popcorn fart. Did the same to the hose that was connected to it. It finally drew the overflow jug just about bone dry and got a solid prime on the heater system. Had no choice but to drop in a gallon of distilled water for the next top off. (We are fully aware we’ll need to do a full drain and refill once this is worked out)

This time we started the engine with zero flow to the heaters, and then we hit it with the shop vac. The overflow jug went about 1/2 more empty and then she started flowing like a garden hose. (not a lot of pressure behind the flow- But it was flowing.)

Reattached the hose and let it warm up. It stabilized about where it should be, and had decent heat on the front and rear heater. Went for a test drive and it promptly overheated after about a mile. (not bad, but was starting to creep up) Returned back to home plate. I did notice if I cranked up the rear heater the temp did float down a touch. So I think we have some flow in the system, but I think it’s not enough. First thought would be a stopped up thermostat. (reduced flow to the front radiator=over heat) However both radiator hoses where under very high pressure and hotter then the sun!.

Did a block test. It passed. The “Smurf Pee” didn’t change from blue to yellow. Test preformed while cold and for a very short while when it was trying to overheat. Looks like we had no exhaust fumes, but a lot of steam pressure.

Think it’s time to fire the parts cannon. Unless anything else comes to mind I’ll order in a timing belt kit with water pump. (it’s already a bit overdue for the timing belt to be serviced) And at the same time replace the thermostat & housing sense I’ll already be hip deep into this monster.

Given the fact with the heater hose 100% removed and wide open- That water pump should have been more then able to give a decent flow with some pressure behind it. While it did have a likely air pocket, Being wide open it should have been able to push that puppy out. The fact we needed to use a shop vac to suck it out– Really leaves me to question the water pump.

That’s about all we have- It’s in the 80’s already and we’re opposed to sweating 🙂