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Stephen Bowen
Stephen Bowen

Sunday update (I know…a bit late)

Finished up the bulk of the repairs and cobbled together the lower k-frame for a test drive. Had my scan tool monitoring only the coolant temp. (faster refresh that way.)

195′ Thermostat. While driving around it maintained 192-200 and fluctuated between the two. (Looks like the thermostat is working and regulating the temp for an average of 195) Went for about a 10-mile drive with the AC running and it seems okay.

Parked it and let it idle again for about 10 minutes. This time it rose up to 210′ and held there with the electric fan running. It doesn’t seem to have much-if any pressure on the radiator hoses? (Can’t see any leaks but will pressure test to be sure.) Planning on a new radiator cap as well. Just in case that one is not allowing pressure to build.

The wife wondered about why it was running 195 while driving around and then settling in at 210 while parked. I let her know it’s probably normal considering the electric fan won’t be as efficient as driving down the road at 50 mph.

So, I think the cooling issue is resolved (and some much-needed maintenance is completed). I’ve got a lead on a replacement K-Frame. Not cheap by any means, but it won’t pass inspection with a case of the ‘rots’.

As a side note, and maybe Eric and the crew here can see if I’m right, or if the ‘parts jockey’ was correct. I mentioned the upper hose had almost no pressure on it after my test drive. He goes off and states the water pump has to be replaced, as the water pump is what is building up the pressure and is clearly faulty. I mentioned that the water pump only is in charge of circulating the fluid, and that the pressure is from expansion and the system is designed to operate at pressure to raise the boiling point of the coolant/distilled water. Hotter the engine/coolant will equal expansion and pressure. The cap is meant to retain about 18-20lbs of pressure to raise the boiling point and makes for more efficient cooling.

He stated I was incorrect and that our aftermarket water pump was defective. I tried to explain you can have ‘flow’ without pressure, but he wasn’t having it.

Ah well. It’s still parked for the time being. Should have the K-Frame in the next few days.