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A/C on a 95 Cavalier


    OK, I wanted to spare everyone a long drawn out story:

    I replaced the compressor (v5), Accumulator, a hard line from the evaporator to the accumulator (old PS hose wore it out which burst), low side schrader valve, O-ring to the 0rifice tube connection and 0rifice tube, o-ring to the inlet of the condensor. None of those connections are leaking, btw.

    Evacuated system with vacuum pump for 45 minutes and let rest for 30. Held vacuum. The service manual states that no compressed air should be used on the system.

    Added two 12oz. cans (1.5lbs) of Johnson R134a that I got from Big! Lots and charged system with a short charging hose. Worked great! Then …see above.

    Looked in my service manual and it says add 14oz of refrigerant based upon pressures given. All the 14oz cans in my area have snake oil added to them and no UV dye so I added a 12oz can of R134a with a UV dye – the bright yellow stuff. My LED flashlights light that stuff up big time and I have a black light too.

    Nothing. No leaks, no creaks, no streaks. The condenser is nice and clear.

    Temp test of accumulator and 0rifice tube:
    Both are nice and cold. The condensate is coming out nice and clear.

    It’s warmer today (80 degrees F) and I put the gauges on. It starts out at 35psi and 165psi and then drops to 27psi and 155 psi Low and High respectively.

    Here’s a question. If nothing shows up and it holds its charge, would there be an issue to run the system slightly under charged? The pressure sensor is there to make sure there’s enough refrigerant to keep the compressor healthy.

    Also, this is the third time I put the gauges on. Aren’t I adding air to the system whenever I do that? I just read about zero-loss hoses; which I should have.

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