John B KobberstadJohn B Kobberstad

    Invest in a good Factory Service Manual. It will tell you what and how much you need. Every component in the system accounts for a part of the total needed. You replace it you add the appropriate amount of OIL. Call the manufacturer of the compressor that you have to get info on what PAG OIL viscosity they use in that compressor. I called Denso to find that in my compressor they use PAG 46 for my 1996 Neon. I would not mix OIL use the same viscosity oil. The number after PAG is the viscosity. Just use a dab of whatever PAG oil you use, to lubricate the O rings. Since your system has probably lost all its refrigerant you may want to just do a flush and remove all the possible contaminants in the system and fill with all new oil and refrigerant and also replace all the O rings and the S valves. That way you shouldn’t have to service it again soon and no moisture on the inside of the windows in the winter. If you don’t have all the proper equipment needed to do the job, manifold gages, vacuum pump, etc take it in and have it serviced. I guess that Chevy dealer won’t be working on A/C if they don’t have the OIL

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