a/c problems

Jason Alexmckrishes

    O.k. So I bought a set of manifold guages. I attached them to the low side port and high side port. I jumped the compressor and got 0 psi for the low side and about 40-50 psi for the high side. I believed that this was due to the system being low on freon.

    I added about one 16 ounce can of freon and the compressor started working again on its own. My ambient temperature was around 89 degress farenheit and according to the chart i should be at 45-55 psi on the low side and 250-270 psi on the high side. My readings are: low side = 45 psi and high side = 300 psi. I am not really sure if that high side pressure is something of concern or if that number is o.k since it is about the 270 mark. The system is cooling good now and I only used about a little over 12 ounces of freon.

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