a/c problems

Robert McMahangaseousmercury

    If you are an avid DIYer that owns two or more cars I would say go for it and buy a manifold set and a vacuum pump. These two tools are indispensable when it comes to a/c work. For those starting out I would recommend a mastercool manifold gauge set and a FJC vacuum pump. You can get both for around 200 or less. I think your best bet would be amazon or I got my manifold from years ago and it still works great. I would also recommend getting a refrigerant O-ring set (I got my latest on amazon for under $20) having it will save you a bundle of time.

    There are tons of a/c forums and educational sites with tons of videos. You can definitely do the job yourself if you have the patience, time. and room. Cleanliness is a must with a/c work, all parts must be meticlously clean.

    Again, I only reccommend you investing the money in tools if you’re going to end up using them again. I live on Long Island where A/C shops charge you $150 for just opening the hood let alone putting a set of gauges on the system. I recently replaced the compressors and overhauled the entire A/C sytems on my 99 civic and 2000 odyssey.

    If you decide to venture and do this….I am here to help

    good luck and let us know what you decide

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