a/c problems

Jason Alexmckrishes

    thank you for the responses. I’ve been reading about a/c systems and watching many videos on the subject. I understand that these are delicate systems and require attention to detail. I know that damage can be done if diagnostics and repair are not done properly. Given the cost of a/c repair, I am going to attempt to diagnose and or repair this myself if possible and within my ability. One thing I have realized is that it is not wise just to put freon into the system and see if the compressor turns on. I know that if the required freon is in the system and more is put in, it could damage the system. I also understand that when the freon is low, the compressor may not turn on. And I know that the pressure can’t be checked properly if the compressor is not running. What I am trying to figure out is how to test if the compressor is bad. I have heard of some solutions:

    1. Discharge the system and put the appropiate amount of freon and see if compressor comes on. (A good idea, but not a cost effective one in my opinion)

    2. Jump the compressor using a wire from the battery. (Could this potentially damage the compressor?)

    I could test the wires going to the compressor to see if there was adequate power. If power to the compressor is good, then I can think of two things. Either compressor is bad or system is low on freon and computer won’t allow compressor to kick on. I guess option 1 is something I could do, but is there any alternative?

    Thanks for the advice.

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