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A/C Video Questions/Comments

Marc RobertsonMarc Robertson

    Quoted From Heath Knox:

    Any time I sell a A/C job I always bid High. An inline filter is sold anytime its a compressor failure just some added protection cause no mater how well you flush the system you never get out all the “black death”. If its an orifice tube, it gets replaced along with the accumulator/receiver drier and o-rings.And yes come backs always happen. I only warranty new parts.

    You are on the right track for a compressor failure. For a situation where the compressor eats itself to death, the above just is not enough to ensure the system will come out okay. I could explain it myself, but I think the guy in the following link does a great job at explaining how to handle the situation. … E_P116082/

    I will add a few notes:

    The biggest case in point for automotive AC is the sophisticated condenser used. The engineers have very good reasons for designing the way they do. The end result is many parallel paths through it that cannot be flushed out but will release when they reach the high pressures and temperatures of normal operation. The best thing to do is replace the condenser.

    A side note is that you don’t want to modify the high side of the A/C system. The pressures can become very high and improper changes can ruin the performance of the system, damage the system or explode.

    The evaporator if single flow path and can be flushed out if done so properly. If it is a parallel path evaporator, it should technically be replaced. It is a big job required to replace it and it’s small volume. A thorough flush and use of a filter on the compressor’s suction line should be enough to protect the compressor as long as the filter doesn’t become clogged.

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