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A/C Video Questions/Comments

EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

    The video I posted was only on finding and repairing leaks, Friday’s video will cover recharging where I’ll cover refrigerant oil.

    I have used solvent to flush a system and when you have a compressor failure like that it’s necessary. AC work is often more involved than people expect and for that reason I’ve avoided making AC videos up to this point however the demand has been there for some time so I bit the bullet. To be honest they may be right on the condenser and evaporator as once you get debris in the system it’s VERY hard to get out and the come back rate is VERY high with AC stuff in my experience therefore I always estimate high when asked to quote an AC job because I hate calling people back and telling them they need to spend more than I told them in the beginning.

    Perhaps at some point I’ll get the opportunity to make a video on flushing the system as well as some other issues that come up when working on AC.

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