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A couple of questions


    Quoted From dreamer2355:

    1) For the Mustang, I would rotate the tires to see if the vibrations go away. Do you feel any pulsation in the brake pedal? If you do, you may have warped rotors. The only fix for those is to have them cut or replaced with a quality set.

    To check for rotor an un even surface, you will need to use a dial indicator gage and check for run out.

    2) I would just replace the entire power steering rack. If you have power steering fluid gathering up in the bellows, the inner seals are leaking. Power steering racks usually come with the inner tie rods already installed. You will need to install your old existing outer tie rods and then have an alignment.

    3) For the torque specifications, we have a link to free Chilton’s online in the ‘How To’ section. You may want to check this out as it does provide some torque specs.

    Hope this helps.

    first of all, thanks for the advice it does help

    1) i actually have replaced all of the brakes just this past week, but the vibration has been there for months but i can’t seem to find the problem.
    so do you think there is no way it could be the sway bar bushings?

    2) ok that makes sense, this ought to be fun lol
    do you know how much information from ETCG’s Steering rack video on the Toyota 4Runner can transfer over to a minivan like this T&C?

    3) Wow i didn’t know about this at all, thanks! lol

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