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A couple of questions


    Quoted From dreamer2355:

    1) Check out this video from Eric – … cFbb43fwqk

    It is a video on how to find suspension noises so it may be of some use to you. And depending on the brand of rotors, some will be ‘out of round’ due to the quality of the materials used and how long it has been stored on the parts shelf.

    People who buy after market rotors still like to cut them to make sure there ‘true’.

    2) Some of it will translate. You might want to check out that free service link i suggested as i *think* you may need to slightly drop the sub frame on that vehicle for the power steering rack.

    3) You are most welcome and thank you for using the forums!

    1) That’s actually the first video i went after when the sounds started coming lol everything seems to be in good condition. I think i’ve watched that video like 20 times lol
    the only reason it hasn’t helped me so much is this
    it’s great to find the suspension sounds of rattling, shaking, grinding.
    But it have a vibration,i dont know how to find that using the shaking the wheel method.

    2) Okay thanks, but i couldnt find the section you were mentioning. What link up top is it?
    like, Home, About, Videos, Tools, Parts, Forum?

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