ABS Light

EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

    Yea first I would check for vacuum leaks to satisfy that ‘lean’ code which could be the result of the IAC malfunctioning (famous on that V6 engine) but first check for vacuum leaks just to be sure. As for the the transmission code I wouldn’t worry about that as of yet especially if you have had a ‘low voltage’ situation like a dead or low battery, this can also cause multiple codes to set like that, think about it the computer speaks in the language of voltage values, if the voltage is low or irratic it doesn’t know what anyone is saying and can ‘freak out’ and set a bunch of codes. In summery check for vacuum leaks and clear all the codes, if you don’t find any vacuum leaks and the codes don’t come back right away I wouldn’t worry about those for now. As for the ‘U’ code I would clear that out and then recheck to see if it comes back, if it does the first thing I would do is check all the fuses, if the ABS fuse or one of them is blown it can cause that code to set and the ABS light would remain on.

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