ABS problem


    Quoted From Broddr:

    its a 99 fort f159 222000 miles it ha a 4.6 engine, how would i look or find which sensor is screwing up

    Getting the code read would be the fastest way, especially since it may not be a sensor problem at all. But to answer your question, the other methods are to disconnect each sensor and do both a resistance measurement and (a bit more complicated) use a scope to look at the AC waveform as you rotate the wheel and compare voltage to the spec in the manual. A voltmeter won’t sample fast enough to give you meaningful results.

    Measure resistance between both conductors, and then each conductor to ground. Voltage would be between both conductors.

    Sometimes you get lucky and find 1 of the 4 has a different resistance, conductivity to ground, or open circuit /no voltage generated as the wheel rotates so you may not even need the spec. to know it’s bad.

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