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AC problem with my 2006 jetta TDI


    If you rotate the end of the compressor with the engine off of course it should spin freely, with out coming to a stop or feel like it is hanging internally. If you can also rule out that the compressor itself isn’t leaking and there are no clutch problems your compressor should be fine and I would not replace it.

    I would first check to see if the a/c compressor is actually engages, just so you know for sure. If it is, I would check to make sure your fan is turning on along with making sure there aren’t any blockages at the condensor. If the a/c is still not working with the compressor engaged, fan on, and no blockages I would say you have a leak somewhere, enough pressure in the system to allow the switch to send power to the compressor but not enough to allow the system to cool properly.

    When the engine is at “higher rpms” is that going down the road or sitting still? If the system is weak with the extra air being pushed through vents while going down the road could cause it to feel cooler. Putting a thermometer in the vent when it seems as though the a/c is working wouldn’t be a bad idea as well because it will actually tell exactly what the temperature because just feeling the air can be miss leading as to how cold it is actually getting.

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