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JIm HerrleJIm Herrle

    9/17 First, let me thank all who took the time to respond to my plea for help in resolving my o2 sensor issue. Following “rice’s” suggestion, and those who
    posted the same advice, I disconnected the – batt. cable for 30 secs. , reconnected the cable and started the engine. The code cleared! Lessons i’ve learned from my experience and the responses I gratefully received following my post: I had no idea that parts suppliers offer a code scan service; excellent resource to file for future problems related to code scans. Dreamer 2355 offered a detailed, step by step fault checking procedure by suggesting checks for “fuses, exhaust and vacuum leaks, along with a scope analysis to track o2 wave forms ( I assume this service would be available thru the same parts vendors who offer code checks for those of us without an oscilloscope or the ability to read one). I also was ignorant of the problem with Bosch v. Denso sensors and hope that others can benefit from that observation. Lastly, I’d like to wrap up this long-winded response with a sincere thanks to those who so willingly give of themselves in sharing their experiences and or knowledge with the rest of us who can benefit from their insight. Finally, a shout out to our guru who started this website in response to a widespread need for self- help; Eric, love you man!

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