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Accord post surgery vibration


    Last summer, probably less than 3k miles ago, I did a wet/dry compression test as part of my annual service. I don’t have my service notes in front of me, but as I recall, all 4 cylinders were within 2-3 lbs of each other wet or dry. I don’t have a leak down tester so that may be a good test to have done. Like I said, sitting at idle, the engine is nice and quiet with no rocking around no thrown codes. And, when I really stand it, power delivery is more than ample and smooth.

    I’m beginning to think I have two unrelated problems. One, the trans shop somehow damaged the axles thus causing the rotational vibration which varies with road speed. And, two, the transmission may be the source of the vibration I’m feeling through the accelerator and floor board when stopped at a stop light. Be that as it may, the car goes back to the trans shop next Tuesday. Today, I took the shop owner for a ride and he agrees “there is something not right”. Well, duh. Interestingly, the service writer told me 3 different people took it for a test drive, including the owner, prior to delivery back to me. Life goes on, we’ll see what Tuesday brings……

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