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    Let’s try the electrical system now. I am NOT an expert by any means. I will try to be comprehensive; and the more experienced can fact check me and add as necessary.

    Again, this is step by step troubleshooting. If you are running down a problem, one has to be methodical.

    Go to the end of the system. Do you have spark in the cylinder? One can use a spark tester (light or gap) in line with each cylinder to confirm current. Also pull the plugs. Are they gap correctly? What is the condition of the plug? Is it carbonized, is it black, any hairline cracks in the insulator portion? In the absence of a tester, one can ground the plug wire to the engine to test spark; but I am going to refer you to Eric’s videos for a more comprehensive discussion or that technique, because you can damage electrical components if not done correctly.

    If no spark or weak spark, start at the top of the electrical system. Battery. How is the charge? Can you put a load tester on it?

    Inspect battery cables. Are the connections tight? Is there corrosion on the terminals? Has some furry woodland creature or your neighbor’s cat been chewing on the wires?

    Without going through the starting and charging systems, skip to the delivery of charge. Distributor (with cap and rotor.) Visually inspect the cap. Look for cracks or heat blemishes. Is it dry? Does it have oil residue? Are the posts shiny? Is the rotor worn or cracked? Does it sit tight on the post or does it have play? Is the contactor good and bright? Does the distributor body have oil in it?

    Next you will need to test the coil and igniter inside the distributor. For this you will need a voltage meter and/or a test light. You need to confirm these components in the distributor are good. Eric has detailed videos of what and where to check. I will refer you to those, as electrical testing is not my strong suit.

    Lastly is wires. Are spark plug wires in good shape? Nicks in the insulation, or cracks in the boots? Heat blemishes?

    Finally, since we are being thorough; how is the ground straps on the battery and engine? Is the loop of current necessary to fire the plugs being interrupted by a lose wire or corroded connector?

    If you can run down the known good parts/systems, we can be much more help to you making a diagnosis by isolating the problem area. It could be one of many many things that is causing your stall.

    Follow up and let us know what you find.

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