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Acura TL 06 Rough Idle Problem

EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

    Hey I’m an Acura master tech too! I would say it’s BS that the oil in the plug wells is normal because that would indicate a leak. When oil gets onto the plug boot it can degrade the insulation which could cause a misfire on that cylinder. I know you said you did a power balance test but what did the engine do when you got to that plug?

    Also that year TL had a power steering hose recall which required that you unhook the rear engine mount to install the new part, if this was done incorrectly the rear mount could have been damaged during that process possibly causing your condition. Acura uses liquid filled vacuum controlled engine mounts on that car so sometimes you can visually inspect them for fluid on the outside, if you see that then the mount is bad and should be replaced, also check for a damaged or disconnected vacuum line.

    I suspect since your car is still under warranty that the dealer didn’t want to address anything at this time because warranty work does not pay the same as customer pay work. You might want to call the Acura hotline and explain your experience to them and they will light a fire under the dealer you are working with and perhaps they will get off their butts and address the issue instead of kicking it down the road till it becomes a customer pay job.

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