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Acura Wheel Studs


    You can replace the stud without pulling the hub. first here are the tools you will need –

    cut off tool ( air or electric ) to cut the old wheel stud
    good hammer and sturdy drift or punch
    a bench grinder or 41/2 inch electric or air grinder
    new stud and lug nut

    as you have seen the stud when knocked loose hits the dust shield behind the hub and will not come out. if you have not ” loosened the old stud ” use the cutting tool and cut the threaded part of the stud off as close to the face of the hub as possible. if the stud has been knocked loose , pull it back in tight with a lug nut then cut it. use the drift and knock the remainder out. now take your new stud and insert it in through the back of the hub. you will see that it will not go all the way in as the head of the stud hits the dust shield. use the grinder to make a flat spot on the side of the stud head( go slowly so you don’t hit the threads ) take off a small amount then try and insert it. repeat this process until you take off just enough for the stud to slip in. then use the lug nut with some washers to pull the stud tight. I have done this in the past and never had an issue ( and I know for a fact that Eric uses this same technique as well )

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