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Air Conditioner Acting Up!!

Marc RobertsonMarc Robertson

    The likely cause is that the low pressure or the high pressure cutoff switches is engaging. If the system is overcharged or overheating then the high side switch will open. Since the system works great normally, it is unlikely that the low side pressure switch would be opening due to a low state of charge. This causes the air condition not to cool as well. Either low side or high side pressure switches could be malfunctioning. See the following information on the pressure switches. … tches.html

    Also, the problem could be related with the dash A/C button, wiring or control module associated with the climate control. If it isn’t reliably sending a signal to turn on the A/C, it will also cause the A/C not to operate properly.

    Another problem could be with the A/C clutch and associated wiring back to the AC control module.

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