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Air Conditioner Mystery

John B KobberstadJohn B Kobberstad

    Quoted From steveawitt:

    Thanks for all the input.
    When I blew the tubes out; the comp. , the exp. valve , the dryer were all off.” Off the vehicle?? A/C cleaning solvent must be used to clean the system.

    “I watched the other end as the old refridgerent came out.” Refrigerant MUST BE RECAPTURED by law!!! Unless you have the proper equipment to do it, take it in to a licensed refrigerant removal site. What about the oil? It should have come out also and needs to be replaced. “, I saw no contamints or noticed any blockage.” Contaminents are very small and not easily seen. “( I was looking for it).
    installed new exp. valve , comp., and dryer. Turned comp. by hand 7 times.” This is good to have been done.
    “Comp. came with oil in it (mistake ? )” No mistake, they usually do. but more must be added. Subtract what is required for the compressor from the total amount needed for the system and add oil accordingly.

    “?I pulled a vacuum with a vacuum pump, and let it run for about an hour.
    I used a cheap vacuum pump that you hook up to your air comp. from Harbor Freight.,” Not the right kind of pump for A/C work. You probably still have moisture in the system and this will cause acid to form in the system and a pressure increase.
    “So I don’t really know how much vacuum I pulled (Mistake? )” What did your gages tell you? Should go negative pressure to -30 (Atmosphere)

    “?Converted to r134 used R134 gauges.” Quick connects with different size for Hi and Low? If yes then it was probably converted. Correctly???

    “You cannot hook the comp. up backwords. Low side ,small tube? High side, large tube.? charged low side small tube.
    It took about 3/4 of a 12 oz. can of R134.” If you still have moisture in the system it might be hard to get more refrigerant in and since you have refrigerant in, you need to take the vehicle in to a licensed removal site and have the system evacuated of the refrigerant before trying to remove the moisture again yourself.

    “low side shoots up to 90 psi, comp. starts and it drops to about 70 psi. High side, (large tube) drops to 0 shut comp. off and they equilize .
    “I reduced the pressure to about 35 psi on the low side and let the comp. run for 10 min. then checked the tubes coming off the comp. to see if they were cool ,they were not.” How are YOU reducing the low side pressure to 35 psi?

    I am not sure of the total wieght of coolant my system takes, I was going by pressure. You need to have the correct amount of oil in the system and must be the same viscosity as the oil in the pump. Call the manufacturer of the pump to find out what oil they use for your pump. I will find out.

    Thanks for your help.

    Bottom line — If you want the A/C to work take it in to a professional.

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