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Air Conditioner Mystery

John B KobberstadJohn B Kobberstad

    Quoted From steveawitt:

    1992 525i 120,000 miles

    My Ac will not work and it really has me stumped.
    I would appreciate any help.

    Everything works, but it will not get cold.
    New compressor
    new expansion valve
    new dryer.

    ………………………………………….. ……………………
    I blew out all the tubes with air compressor when I had it apart.
    put it back together pulled a vacume (no leaks)
    added half a can of r134 , compressor kicks on, and low side shot up to 90 psi,…
    high side 0.
    shut compressor off and they equlize. this is odd?????
    I don’t understand why it only takes a half a can or 134 and the pressure shoots up so high??

    If I run the compressor for a while at 40 psi on the low side, nothing gets cold.
    I checked all the tubes nothing cold.
    ………………………………………….. ………………………
    The ac button engages, ( blue dot on dial turned down) ,the condenser fan comes on, inside temp gage works, compressor kicks on, blower fan on.

    If anybody has any ideas I could really use some help. thanks

    1- You need to do a proper system flush rather than blow out with air compressor. If the compressor you replaced had a catastrophic failure you’ve got some bad stuff in the system and flushing is required or the new compressor will meet the same fate as the one that was replaced. Before you put that new compressor into service you should have rotated the clutch plate a couple times to circulate the oil in the compressor so everything inside it is lubed and ready to go.
    2- Should have replaced all the O rings when you had the system apart.
    3- I don’t see anything about adding the proper viscosity oil and the proper amount of it to the system. You need to reduce the amount the system requires by the amount that comes in the new compressor and use the same viscosity and maybe add some dye in with it.
    4- Don’t know how you pulled a vacuum, or how you checked for leaks.
    5- If everything is working correctly it should work. Something(s) is(are) NOT working this is obvious.
    6- Did you check to see what the proper amount of R 134a is supposed to be in the system?

    You may have debris in the system causing a blockage and your new compressor may have been destroyed by the debris that was not cleaned out of the system. I hope this is not the case though.

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