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Air filter performance, does it work?

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Sang Kimskim3544

    I have been using K&N for number of cars and here is my take on it.

    K&N will increase engine noise and you really don’t get much HP gain unless you go with Cold Air Intake. Usually comes with a down pipe to relocate your filter under the front bumper. The bad news is when you this, you increase chance of your car sucking up the water during heavy rain (which happened to one of my car). A bigger problem is that yearly, I have to lower the bumper clean the filter element. When you take out the bumper (something that is not designed to be taken out so often) you would end up with several broken bolts, clips, plastic parts. You would end up replacing those every 2 – 3 years (which can get expensive)

    HP gain is minimal. The vendors claims that you would get 10 – 20 HP, but on my car, it was more like 5 HP (I guess depends on cars). For some cars (Volvo, Maxima, BMW,…) the air mass meter is right next to the air box. So no matter how well you oil the filter, you just cannot prevent the oil from destroying the sensor (and this is an expensive sensor to destroy) For some cars (specifically BMW) engine temperature is pretty high so normal CAI won’t work too well – it will just be sucking down hot air and hurts the performance. So you would have to build a heat shield around the filter (and after market heat shield is pretty expensive for these cars)

    Then there is a quality issue. The mounting hardware isn’t as good as stock and they rattle over time (or makes whistling noise). Car car will also suck down more dirt and dust and it will shorten the life of the engine. So if you care about the engine, then keep the stock filter. Otherwise go with K&N.

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