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Am I overbuilding?


    I was bored so I actually went to summit and looked up the part numbers you posted. I have some questions but for starters I will throw out some advice…

    The 318 is one of the best small blocks out there so it is good you are sticking with it. the performer manifold is a good choice ( I have used edelbrock products for many years ) I think a 750 cfm carb is a little big for that motor. I run a 600 cfm edelbrock on the 350 in my 69 chevelle it is plenty for that motor. I am also partial to sticking with the same manufacturer for the cam so you may want to go with an edelbrock cam ( edelbrock does a lot of RandD to match components up ) The msd components are very good ( I have usually used accell ) if you want to save some cash you might want to look into a company called pertronics. never run hedman headers ( to pricey for my blood ) I have used dynomax and flowtech headers in the past. the flex fan.. well nothing unusual there. now for the questions…
    What about heads ? edelbrock sells a match set ( heads , cam , manifold and carb ) may want to go that route. if using the stock heads.. port and polish for sure. maybe consider going up a size on intake and exhaust valves. make sure to match valve springs to the cam.

    Timing setup ? I like geardrive ( they have quiet ones- pete jackson ) at the least a double roller chain set.

    bottom end ? you said you are keeping stock bore- what about compression ratio- I would stay around 9 to 1 so it runs good on pump gas. are you staying with stock pistons and rings or going high po ( moly rings and the like ) definantly have the components ” balanced “. for reassembly spend the money and use arp fasteners. they are worth it.

    What type tranny ? if auto you will need to match the t/convertor to the motor and rear end ( I always run b/m t/convertors and shifters )

    lots to think about I know. remember that what you do to the top end needs to match the bottom end for proper air flow and powerband. you may want to talk with a quality machine shop in your area. tell them what you have and what you are trying to get out of it. they will be a good resource. good luck and keep us posted as you tackle this project.

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