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Banging on your Cat with a Rubber Mallot

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Well if it was a new vehicle i wouldn’t but i have old farm trucks we do some things to because the cat only is for emissions so if you dont mind and a mech is gonna charge you more to fix it then the vehicles worth i can tell you some things ive seen done some pretty crazy my first go to is take out the o2 sensor before the cat after that it should drive pretty much back to normal now that the exhaust is not building up pressure so we have figured out its your cat spray cfoam with a long straw in through the 02 sensor into the cat hole can put the 02 back in start ot let it smoke sometimes this works ive seen but never have done don’t realy approve but u rev your truck to about 2 or 3 thousand rpms get that cat hot spray water up your tail pipe it bust the cat it will jist all fall out in pieces now this vehicle was fairly old and muffler rusted out but it kept us from towing a piece junk work truck and we drove it for couple years after that but i wouldn’t try any of that ole stuff on a nice vehicle good luck and yeah bustn they cone will save your cat problem but prolly will sound ruff and rattle but ive never seen a muffler clog up if it could come off easy super hot soapy water works good