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Blend Door Actuator not working


There is no fuse on the blend door actuator. It was the 1st thing I checked. All the other circuits are working fine, as did the old blend door actuator until it just stopped. I have the circuit outlay herr and everything else on it works fine, including stuff on the same knob like the auto temp heat and AC switch. This blend door actuator is the only thing that doesnt and since the old one didnt die of the annoying tick tick tick tick I have a feeling it wasnt defective, the circuit just stopped.
Im at a loss because Ive checked everything I learned it auto technician class and it all works. Short of cutting the wires and putting on a new plug, I even tried an ohms test on the actuator as it has a volt sensor. Its getting colder by the day here in Canada, not sure how much longer this “comfortable” heat its blowing out will last.