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compression test results


Oil rings, hmm never heard of that. Thought you meant piston rings before i looked it up. They are a component of the piston rings i guess.

Does this cause the oil in the cylinder, or the high compression, or both? I guess i am still hoping to find oil above the sparkplug as the source of the leak next time i open it up (maybe this weekend) as then its just a gasket or some kind of problem with the valve cover being warped. rather than piston / oil rings.

its been running like this since i purchased it 65,000 km ago… takes a top up of about 1L of oil every 2 months (aprox 1500kms), which while somewhat annoying to keep on top of, could be much worse.

EDIT: looked up that engine restore stuff, they have it at canadian tire. I am super weary about adding things to the motor but it has good reviews. I thought my compression on the wet test was way too high (The book says reference compression should be 178). Doesnt this increase compression? i could see it being useful on cyl 4 in that case but cyl 2 is actually above the spec as with the others sitting at ~180. Will this make it go so high that the engine will blow?