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How to add thrust bearing to 2002 Civic LX camshaft


It’s fixed! Thanks again for your suggestions. In the past two weeks, I did four things at the same time, any one of which may have fixed it. First, having noticed the ground wires were in poor shape, I replaced the ground cable from the battery with a new one. I removed, cleaned, and reused the other ground wires under the hood. Second, I replaced the camshaft position sensor with a genuine Honda part. Third, I cleaned some oily residue from the connector. Fourth,and this is what I suspect fixed it, I made sure the connector attached securely to the new sensor. Initially it seemed to go on just fine but I noticed it would slide off with a tug. I eventually realized that the connector has a very thin rubber boot that compresses like an accordeon when it attaches. This boot was preventing the plastic clip from locking. In my attempt to remove the boot, I ended up splitting it near the top. This allowed a little more clearance for the clip to compress it and then lock into place. I’ve had some oil leaks, one particularly bad, from the valve cover. I suspect the boot may have swelled from oil contamination. The car has now gone close to 200 miles with no trouble.