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How to reset the timing for a off time cam shaft on a Honda J series V6

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Tim Vu
Tim Vu

After a bit of research, I think I solved my own problem. As it turns out, I decided to turn the cam shaft CCW back to TDC position because the can shaft itself is continuous and it does not matter which way you turn to get it to TDC after the belt is off. So, I turned it 60 degree CCW using a breaker bar instead of the ratchet to bring it back to the position I wanted. I knew that the timing belt was one tooth off because I marked the old and the new belts where they should line up on both the cam sprockets and the camshaft as well. The OEM belt was a bit too thick to slip it in so I decided to use a Gates timing belt instead and I was able to get everything back together with new tensioner and pulleys, despite the tensioner was a bit awkward to get it back into position. Before I put everything back, I rotated the crankshaft twice to make sure everything is aligned and it was. After letting it sat for 2 days, the engine mount was a bit out of alignment with the engine mount bracket and it took a bit of time to get them aligned with some help from the 1/4 extensions. Getting the serpentine belt back on was another problem on its own because I stripped the corners on the top fake nut. Once I got the serpentine belt on, I started her up and she purred like a happy cat! This was my third successful timing belt change on the Honda J series engine, but this one threw me a loop when I knocked that camshaft out of TDC. No matter what, a little common sense and some engineering background did help me got thru this little problem with no serious adverse effect. Now, my Odyssey should be ready for another 100K duty cycle. Unbeknown to me, Eric did send a message to just turn the camshaft back to TDC so my guess is right but I wish I checked my email sooner.