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I’m just checking the ERICTHECARGUY website out for the first time today , even though I have been a fan of the youtube channel for several months now .

I just wanted to say that your post grabbed me because , I am later in age to the party of automotive mechanics as well , and my fascination of learning about cars has inspired me to consider a career change to automotive industry.
I am currently registered to attend my local community college in taking the automotive tech trade school . I have tons of butterflies and fears looking at learning a new skill at my age of early 40’s…but I know my curiosity will never die , and i’ll never forgive myself for not trying .
I currently drive a 1990 ford f150 4×4 truck . It is certainly on the beater side of car status , and i have opened a huge can of repair opportunities , already fixing 3 or 4 minor repairs , and recently drove into my first major repair issue seeming to be my transfer case . So…I leap into the fire , and this is also my only vehicle at the moment , but it looks like if i want to love on it properly , i’ll have to get another vehicle to drive .

Good luck on choosing a vehicle to learn on…obviously i can recommend a ford…as I’ve been around a lot of them , and there is always something to fix…but they are designed with the mechanic in mind , and are fun to work on .