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LED/HID questions

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[quote=”Nogard1973″ post=203361]… I really don’t want to get something that lights up everything for me but blinds oncoming drivers for a half mile or so.[/quote]
Thank you for considering everyone else on the road.

The short answer: The bulb type should be matched to the optical design of the housing because different bulbs have different emission patterns. Incandescent halogen and Xenon HID bulbs emit light equally in all directions (isotropic), which have a complex Fresnel lens and reflector. Also, the housing for Xenon are designed to filter out UV light. LEDs display a divergent cone, which do not colliminate well with a housing for halogen bulbs. So, if you want to take the LED route, it would be best IMHO to find specialized bulbs for OEM housings or a kit with s bulb and housing.

Sylvania has the SilverStar line of halogen bulbs that are brighter than standard halogens. The downside is cost and shorter lifespan (about 1-1.5 years if I remember correctly).