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Piston driven timing belt tensioner…HELP!!


    Quoted From EricTheCarGuy:

    It doesn’t sound good if I’m honest, you might try turning the engine over by hand to see if the marks line up now, hopefully they do, if not there may be some bent or broken parts inside the engine. It’s sometimes difficult to find and align the correct marks when doing a job like that, in fact I know some guys that make their own marks before removing the old belt just to be sure everything is good to go when they put on a new belt.

    I actually did make my own marks. I also know that I was in over my head, but one thing I learned from working with my uncle on cars is that determination almost always pays off. I took another look at my belt and turned the crankshaft by hand via a 1″ combo wrench. I lined up my cam marks (the ones that I made before starting the job) and noticed that the crankshaft wasn’t at TDC. So what I’m thinking is that originally the marks were lined up, but when I started the car they jumped teeth. My solution: do the job over. This time it only took me 2 hours to complete. I took off the timing belt only from the crankshaft. I left the belt on the cams. I re-aligned the crankshaft to TDC via the manufacturers TDC mark, and put the belt back on. I re-assembled everything and the car wouldn’t start. I determined it was the battery. I got a boost (took 15 mins before it finally started) and it was running. It sounded a little off, but I was glad it was at least running. I drove it to Autozone to buy some coolant and put a gallon in (I lost a lot of coolant when I took off the radiator hoses when doing the job). I then drove to the gas station and filled up. While at the gas station I took my scanner and scanned for codes. 4 codes came up. P0340, P0345, P0340pd, P0345pd. Now I don’t know what the pd stands for, but the other 2 are Camshaft position sensor A-Bank 1 circuit malfunction, and Camshaft position sensor A-Bank 2 circuit malfunction. I don’t know what that means, but I was able to delete the codes and there is no MIL. Now, the car runs fine and I’m happy as hell. Thank God and thank you all for your help. I really appreciate it and I’m just glad I was able to do this job. Stay dirty everyone.

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