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Radiator Blow Out – new radiator


This is odd, I pulled the radiator, looked it over and didn’t see anything that says it blew but water and antifreeze all over the bottom of it. Also, when I picked her up, I looked at it and it was all covered in coolant.

So I pull it cap the bottom outlet and fill it with water.. no leaks.. okay, blow into it, no leaks..

Put it back in the car (with out the fans), fill with distilled water, started the car.. no leaks.. wait unit it hit operating temp, took off my spill proof funnel and capped it and let it run.. no leaks…

I have no idea why this thing leaked.. could it be the crimped joint between the plastic and metal is only going to pop at certain pressures?

I did put in metal coolant elbows, and I a still getting a bit of leak, but I don’t think that could be part of this issue, why was the coolant gone and everything around the bottom passenger side radiator wet?