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    Well, I first replaced the leads, but unfortunately nothing changed, perhaps a little bit for the worse. I suspected this.

    Then, I ordered and replaced the ignition coils (both of them). Even though this time I was sure I nailed the problem, still, the car still behaves the same. Well, maybe a little better, but this might be because outside the weather is getting cooler (I noticed this in the past spring – cooler weather means less engine problems).

    Therefore, I now believe that this is a problem with some electric parts, somehow influenced by temperature. Of course, I might be wrong…

    I was told to check these:
    – fuel pressure regulator, and replaced fuel filter and/or fuel pump if low pressure is observed under load
    – signal wires to the coil and the injectors for signs of wear or a break in the wire.
    – some wire(s) to the ECU might have corroded contacts and behave erratically
    – on some Suzuki forums it appears that this problem is not uncommon for Suzuki Jimny ( and It was suggested that this likely is the cam position sensor (or, less likely, crankshaft position sensor).

    I’ll keep the thread informed. Of course, if anyone has some other suggestion, please step in.

    Thanks, Adrian

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