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Rear Main Seal – 2003 Honda Pilot

EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

    First I think you need to consider that your going to need an engine brace to hold the engine in place when you remove the subframe, the minute you take that out the engine and transmission will no longer be supported and to be honest doing this job on the ground will be VERY difficult. I think you should consider this before you get too far into it.

    As for the oil seal itself you won’t know if that’s really what’s leaking until you remove the transmission and flex plate, sometimes the galley plugs leak. If you find that the seal IS leaking I would strongly recommend an OE replacement. You don’t need to remove the rear plate you can just pry out the old seal and replace it with the new one but once again I can’t stress enough that you will need the proper equipment to remove the subframe. In addition you’re also going to have to remove the front section of the exhaust which may require a torch.

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